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Industry Deal

06.19.2015 ideaspromotions
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Web For Actors: UPDATE: They went out of business in 2018 If you're an actor, comedian, or even simply interested in the arts, you should definitely check out the In...

Get a Month Free

06.12.2015 promotionsfreebies
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Web For Actors: We care so much about what you think of us, we're willing to reward you for your words. Take a minute or two to share your thoughts about IADB on our y...

International Dialects

06.05.2015 ideasadvice
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Web For Actors: I recently came across this website and thought it would be a great idea to share this with all of you out there. This site is pretty awesome because...

Connecting with Actors

05.29.2015 ideasadvice
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Web For Actors: IADB's main goal is to make sure that we give actors exactly what they want. What would be even better is to give the actors something that they didn't...

Actor Tools and Connectivity

05.22.2015 featurestools
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Web For Actors: If you're not a web developer telling you that IADB keeps connecting to different API in order to ease the strain of data entry for the customer may so...

Actor Websites SEO

05.15.2015 ideasactor websites
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Web For Actors: I am a lead web developer over at IADB and I build actor websites. Most of the times when I tell people that I build websites for actors, they respond...

Rolling Headshots

05.08.2015 headshotsideas
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Web For Actors: We here at IADB are always advocates of fresh new ideas to help actors further their careers. One of these great, fresh ideas comes from the wonderful...

Responsive Actor Websites

05.01.2015 tutorialsactor websites
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Web For Actors: The easiest way to explain responsive websites is with a picture and I have done just that. Take a closer look at the picture in this blog, it demonstr...

Stage Names

04.24.2015 ideasbranding
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Web For Actors: There are many dialogues on whether an actor or an actress should consider obtaining a stage name. We're not talking about legally changing your name h...

Are You On Stage Yet?

04.17.2015 ideasadvice
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Web For Actors: Are you on stage? Oh, I didn't mean for performing purposes, I meant for socializing purposes. Yahoo Entertainment described Stage 32 as a combinatio...

IADB Trailer

04.10.2015 videosactor websites
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Web For Actors: Here is our first video commercial. Built in After Affects by yours truly with music and sound design by talented Dara Taylor (link to Dara's website o...

Already Have an Actor Website?

04.03.2015 ideasactor websites
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ideas,actor websites,branding,opportunities,tips,tips,features,reviews

Web For Actors: You may recognize the image for this blog from our flyer which we have been distributing since April 2014 advertising that IADB makes actor websites li...

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