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More Domains = More Custom Email Options

12.31.2020 freebiesannouncements
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Web For Actors: In a few hours I will be tossing my Mensa calendar in the trash... it's still stuck on April though, anyone wants a 2/3rds of a year worth of brain puz...

Interactive Reels with

12.30.2020 featursfreebies
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Web For Actors: It's almost 2021! How crazy is that? Hello everyone and welcome to day 6 of Holidays! Today we'd like to introduce you to actor tool. Alth...

Alternative Way to See Headshots

12.29.2020 featurestips
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Web For Actors: Just as yesterday, we're not sending out any emails today, but we still want to share this new tip we created for you as well as the updated version of...

We Reworked QR Codes for Actor Websites

12.28.2020 announcementsfeatures
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Web For Actors: Today just a short update. We hope everyone's enjoying their holidays, so we won't be sending out any emails today or tomorrow, and obviously we took a...

Web For Actors Rewards Plan

12.24.2020 announcementsfreebies
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Web For Actors: Happy Holidays Everyone! We are now announcing the launch of the Web For Actors rewards plan. It includes rewards for reporting bugs to us and for ref...

New Designs + Improvements + Gallery

12.23.2020 announcementsfreebies
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Web For Actors: You might have noticed that we've been tweaking the system quite a bit over the last few weeks. We want to find the most optimal design, and once we hi...

12 Days of Christmas

12.22.2020 announcementsfreebies
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Web For Actors: As a thank you, we would like to offer you a feature packed holidays and with that each day (except for Christmas) we will unveil something new we have...

#PowerThroughPodcasts - Speak L.A.

10.09.2020 motivationalpodcasts
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Web For Actors: For the past few months I've definitely watched more Netflix, read more books, and I sure as heck have listened to more podcasts while stuck at home. B...

Top 100 Movies on IMDb

07.31.2020 ideasinteractive
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Web For Actors: July is now nearly over and we're still on lock down in Los Angeles. Last week I challenged you to watching acting and filmmaking YouTube channels, I...

Stuck at Home? Watch Videos on Acting.

07.24.2020 actingideas
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Web For Actors: I'll keep my intro short this week, because what I have to say about these sources below doesn't matter. You've heard these names, you might have watch...

Zoom Alternative for IMDb Pro Subscribers

07.17.2020 announcementsnetworking
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Web For Actors: Haaaaave you met Ted? Ehm, ehm, Chime? I'm not sure if you've heard, but IMDb (which is now owned by Amazon) is now offering access for the IMDbPro me...

Microlink = Screenshot Layer + PDF Crowd

07.10.2020 announcementstools
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Web For Actors: For the past few years we've been using two service providers for your websites: Screenshot Layer - had allowed us to generate amazing image previews...

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