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In the spotlight with Sonny Chatrath

07.05.2020 spotlightmotivational
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Web For Actors: When did you start acting? I started acting in 2007. Describe your acting style. I am a natural actor. What was the biggest audience you have p...

How Actors Stay Active during Lockdown

04.03.2020 tipsideas
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Web For Actors: Oh no, this lock-down will last for quite a while. I have a strong feeling that it might last all the way until 2021, but knock on wood. Well, that do...

Making Your Video Thumbnails Look Cool

03.27.2020 tipssocial-media
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Web For Actors: People have been asking me how to make video thumbnails look cool. We all agree that auto-playing videos is just not cool, and we all know that the th...

Union vs Non-union vs SAG Eligible

01.17.2020 advicetips
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Web For Actors: If you're on Reddit by any chance, this is the question that gets asked about a billion times per millennia... And yes, 1000 years ago reddit didn't ex...

Acting Techniques - Why Do We Care?

01.10.2020 actingideas
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Web For Actors: If you've been acting for longer than a week... (probably not an exaggeration), your probably have already heard these phrases thrown out: Chekhov, Adl...

New Freebie for 2020 - Interview

01.03.2020 announcementsfreebies
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Web For Actors: In the spirit of giving, every year Web For Actors release a new tool that we offer for free to all of our subscribers for the period of one year. Las...

2020 - Website for a New Year

12.27.2019 announcementsmotivational
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Web For Actors: We bid adieu to another great year in the film industry. We've made some amazing strides over the past few years, overcoming our prejudices and invitin...

We Just Nudged your Projects

12.20.2019 announcementsfreebies
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Web For Actors: Tis' the season to be proactive about your website. And yes, it's easy to say for all of our premium members because all they have to do is sit and wa...

Great Question for a Casting Director

12.16.2019 adviceauditions
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Web For Actors: Today's blog post (or should I say vlog post) is brought to you by Aaron Marcus, who talks about his experience at an audition for a commercial. En...

New Actor Website Design - Feather Weight

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announcements,actor websites,features,promotions,branding

Web For Actors: Today we are bringing you a beta version of Feather Weight - a new actor website design now available to our premium members. With this release, w...

Actor Websites on WIX

12.06.2019 adviceannouncements
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advice,announcements,actor websites,branding,tips,evergreen

Web For Actors: I just had an email exchange with a certain person, whom I will not name (let's call her JANE), who is teaching people in the film industry about marke...

Cyber Monday Sale 2019

12.02.2019 promotionsactor websites
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promotions,actor websites

Web For Actors: Today only, we are offering 50% off for the first year! The price for premium membership to Web For Actors is $99, but today only we are giving you th...

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