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New Actor Website Design - Feather Weight

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Web For Actors: Today we are bringing you a beta version of Feather Weight - a new actor website design now available to our premium members. With this release, w...

Actor Websites on WIX

12.06.2019 adviceannouncements
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Web For Actors: I just had an email exchange with a certain person, whom I will not name (let's call her JANE), who is teaching people in the film industry about marke...

7 Benefits Of Creating A Personal Brand

07.12.2019 advice
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Web For Actors: Oprah Winfrey is a household name today. As the host of the top-rated, award-winning Oprah Winfrey Show, she made it acceptable for famous people to h...

6 Tips for Actor Demo Reels

03.08.2019 tutorialsreviews
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Web For Actors: Acting reels, demo reels, sizzle reels... call them what you will. Right after your headshot it's the second most important thing you need to convince...

Actor Website Wednesday Wrap-up

11.28.2018 ideaswrap-up
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Web For Actors: I've been staring at my actor website to-do list for the past hour and I've been inspired by social media hashtags to organize and categorize all of my...

What Can We Learn From Inigo Montoya

10.05.2018 actor websitesadvice
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Web For Actors: Today, just a quick post to remind you that you don't have to write a lot to make an impact, ergo, your bios on your website and on your social media c...

Tips to Improve Your Acting

12.08.2017 adviceacting
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Web For Actors: Many aspire to improve their acting skills and always wish to take their names into the limelight. Of course, acting is a lucrative and a glamorous car...

Filmmaker Website Inspiration

11.10.2017 filmmakersideas
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Web For Actors: It is very clear that we normally focus on actor websites. Duh, that's what A stands for in IADB, but IFDB is already taken up by Internet Famous Datab...

Few reasons for an actor website

10.05.2017 adviceactor websites
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Web For Actors: "Your Google results directly impact your career." That is the tagline for BrandYourself , a service used by hundreds of thousands of professionals...

Actor's Website Dos and Don'ts

09.22.2017 adviceactor websites
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Web For Actors: I can't even begin to count the number of actors who have contacted me saying that they've lost hours of their life, thousands of dollars, and countles...

2 Tools to Use For Actor Branding

08.11.2017 advice
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Web For Actors: Today, I want to suggest something different. This may not be for everyone, but I'm sure some of you will find this useful and will try it out. Let me...

Actor Website Bio

04.07.2017 adviceactor websites
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Web For Actors: I am a networker. I enjoy all sorts of meetups and events, but one event in particular that I attend regularly has the concept of networking down to sc...

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