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How to Rip a DVD

06.08.2018 filmmakerstutorials
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Web For Actors: I've been asked about this one few times already, so I think I should do a write up on this. If at any time, any of you try to do this and step-by-step...

How To Audition On Camera

06.01.2018 book corner
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book corner

Web For Actors: I came across this Twitter profile and thought that the name Sharon Bialy sounded familiar. I guess it did because I've had this book on my list to r...

GDPR Compliance

05.25.2018 announcements
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Web For Actors: So many new things going on, but thought I'd give you an update on our end. We are now somewhat compliant with GDPR. :) We had to undergo major chang...

Server Upgrades at Web For Actors

05.18.2018 announcements
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Web For Actors: We will undergo so major maintenance over the next few weeks, but just as every maintenance we start from the base which in our case is the server. Th...

How To Make a Living As a Commercial Actor

05.11.2018 book corner
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book corner

Web For Actors: Few words from IADB: We absolutely LOVE David Banks. He's charismatic, very friendly, and... he obviously knows what he's talking about. If you're no...

5 Things You May Not Know About IMDb

05.04.2018 adviceideas
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Web For Actors: First of all, let me say that all the materials below are snippets of information I've gathered over the past few years. This is by no means a full gui...

3 Steps to Improve Your Networking

04.27.2018 announcementstutorials
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Web For Actors: Have you ever heard anyone say that to make it in this industry it's all about the contacts? Or how about: It's not what you know, it's who you know!...

What's New... and What's Coming

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Web For Actors: So (SO) many things are going on and I haven't been able to update everyone on what's happening, but I want to assure you, it's all good things. :) Fi...

Bee Social with Social Bee

03.30.2018 featuresannouncements
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Web For Actors: It all started with a #fbf. For those of you not following trends on twitter that means...

The best Actor Website builder

03.30.2018 featuresactor websites
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Web For Actors: We don't like tooting our own horn, but we're working on the list of reasons Web For Actors is better than any other online solution out there. So far...

Best Deal for Actors! Save with Web For Actors

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Web For Actors: We're starting the new Share-it Plan for Actor Websites ! We're beyond excited to give this opportunity to our community. This will allow everyone on...

Need an Article on Our Blog?

03.16.2018 announcementsspotlight
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Web For Actors: There is no easier way to get an article written about you than having somebody interview you for their blog. Just like businesses try to do a shameles...

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