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Okay, but what does that all mean?

  1. Templates - here at Web For Actors, we have a plan to create 100 of the most amazing, well detailed website templates intended for actors. Do you want another template that you saw elsewhere - let us know and we will prioritize your pick. Here is the list of all current actor website templates.
  2. Support - the most important part of our mission statement is that we want to help actors achieve their goals. We want to help YOU, because what you need, is what others probably will need too, regardless of whether or not you can afford to pay us few bucks each month. If you have a question, there are many ways to reach out to us, but I will be as bold as to put my personal email address in here: That's right. We got you!
  3. Domain - it's the name you type in to your browser. Usually it would be your name, as in - without it, your address would be instead. We always recommend that you get a ".com" domain, and some of you may already have one. That's fine, you can transfer it to us, we won't let it expire, and if you ever chose to go elsewhere, you can take it with you.
  4. Email - not just any email address, but one connected to your domain name, for instance There are many reasons why it's important to have your own domain name and your own email address. Check out this blog post for more information.
  5. Discounts - we get a lot of questions about this, so let's start with saying that only the monthly (FLEX) plan members have access to the discounts. Free members obviously don't need them, and lifetime members... well, once they've paid, their transaction is done. So we are left with monthly and annual. Our prices will sometimes change and we will always keep the price of the annual membership at 10 times the monthly plan. It makes it difficult to plan out pricing discounts and maintain them for annual plans. Still, it's already discounted if you look at it, and if your preference is to see a bill from us just once a year, hey, I guess that's the plan for you.
  6. Tools - a few people have already told me, "the website is one thing, but I'm subscribing primarily for the tools". Here at Web For Actors we pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box and finding the best solutions for any problems a modern actor may face. That said, this page would be too long to describe all the tools that come with the paid memberships, so, if you still need convincing, view explanations of all acting tools so you'll know what you're getting with the subscriptions.

Refund Policy
You may cancel or downgrade your plan at any time.
Annual plan subscribers can cancel within the first 30 days to receive a partial refund of $79
We do not offer a refund for the monthly plan after the domain is selected.
If you have not yet selected a domain and you are within the 30 day trial period, you'll be eligible for a full refund during cancellation or downgrade.
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refund for the Lifetime Plans. You are allowed to resell this plan if you wish, but the purchaser will be responsible for obtaining a domain name on their own.

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