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Alternative Way to See Headshots

12.29.2020 featurestips
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Web For Actors: Just as yesterday, we're not sending out any emails today, but we still want to share this new tip we created for you as well as the updated version of...

How Actors Stay Active during Lockdown

04.03.2020 tipsideas
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Web For Actors: Oh no, this lock-down will last for quite a while. I have a strong feeling that it might last all the way until 2021, but knock on wood. Well, that do...

Making Your Video Thumbnails Look Cool

03.27.2020 tipssocial-media
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Web For Actors: People have been asking me how to make video thumbnails look cool. We all agree that auto-playing videos is just not cool, and we all know that the th...

Union vs Non-union vs SAG Eligible

01.17.2020 advicetips
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Web For Actors: If you're on Reddit by any chance, this is the question that gets asked about a billion times per millennia... And yes, 1000 years ago reddit didn't ex...

Acting Techniques - Why Do We Care?

01.10.2020 actingideas
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Web For Actors: If you've been acting for longer than a week... (probably not an exaggeration), your probably have already heard these phrases thrown out: Chekhov, Adl...

Actor Websites on WIX

12.06.2019 adviceannouncements
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advice,announcements,actor websites,branding,tips,evergreen

Web For Actors: I just had an email exchange with a certain person, whom I will not name (let's call her JANE), who is teaching people in the film industry about marke...

Fix the Instagram Blank Video

11.21.2019 tipssocial-media
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Web For Actors: Tip Thursday - Fixing the Blank Video Frames on Instagram Have you ever encountered a blank preview image on Instagram video? It could be black or gr...

3 Mistakes with Headshots

10.18.2019 adviceheadshots
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Web For Actors: Consider looking at headshots day-in, day-out. You probably will never have to do it, but as a developer, I do. Headshot photographers do it too, but m...

Say Goodbye to Website Regrets

10.04.2019 advicefeatures
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advice,features,tips,templates,actor websites

Web For Actors: If you ask me what is the most important feature of Web For Actors in terms of Actor Websites, I will undeniably say ease of use and tools that help yo...

Three Basic Parts of Acting

09.20.2019 adviceacting
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Web For Actors: I'm not an actor. I'm not an acting teacher. What qualifies me to even offer advice on what actors should be taught? Perhaps the fact that I've read a...

Obtaining Union Status

09.06.2019 opportunitiesmotivational
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Web For Actors: I always ask my actor friends: "Where exactly are you with your acting career?" Different people get to certain segments of their acting career at diff...

Becoming an Influencer

08.23.2019 adviceideas
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Web For Actors: First let's answer this question. How would I know about influencers and what companies might want (or expect) from them? Well to begin with, Web For A...

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