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Self-Management for Actors

02.03.2017 book corner
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Web For Actors: Become your future agent's dream client before you've even met. Self-Management for Actors will help you take control of the business side of your cr...

Your Best Actor EPKs

01.28.2017 adviceactor websites
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advice,actor websites,branding,opportunities

Web For Actors: I hear stories all the time about how so-and-so got into the industry as an actor. Some stories show creativity, others sneakiness, but it all rolls do...

Hit The Ground Running

01.21.2017 book corner
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Web For Actors: HIT THE GROUND RUNNING The First Years of Your Acting Career Most how-to books are written by one or two writers, yet there are many ways actors become...

The Actor's Book Club

01.14.2017 announcementsfeatures
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Web For Actors: This is my blog post #108. Yup, I've been writing this blog for quite some time and I try to focus on actors, but you well know that I can't impart the...

And the raffle winners are...

01.07.2017 freebiesopportunities
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Web For Actors: The moment you've all been waiting for. The winners of the raffle are listed below. These are the results for the random drawing for 17 raffle tickets...

Web For Actors, 2016 and the Future

12.30.2016 actor websitesreviews
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actor websites,reviews

Web For Actors: I must say, it's so incredible watching the platform grow as it does and gaining popularity among actors all over the world. Although most of our membe...

Happy Holidays from Web For Actors

12.23.2016 announcements
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Web For Actors: Holidays are upon us, and we're just one week away from the deadline for the free actor website raffle, so don't forget to check it out. On behalf of...

2 Weeks left Until it's Over

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Web For Actors: It's not too late to enter the drawing for the 17 free actor websites. It only takes 10 seconds to enter, so if you haven't had a chance to register, d...

The Headshot List

12.09.2016 headshotstools
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headshots,tools,actor websites,announcements

Web For Actors: We have announced the development of the new resource website few weeks ago and as promised we are launching it tonight. So, ready or not, here comes y...

Web For Actors Actor Website GIVEAWAY

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Web For Actors: Today we have a special edition announcement which affects both members and non-members alike. With the start of 2017 we are giving out 17 free Web For...

Our Black Friday Gift to all

11.25.2016 advicefeatures
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Web For Actors: I was recently inspired by a conversation I had with Lisa Gold of Act Outside the Box . If you know Lisa, then you probably have listened to some of h...

Introducing the Headshot List

11.18.2016 headshotsactor websites
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headshots,actor websites,tools,announcements,services,reviews

Web For Actors: In just 2 short weeks Web For Actors will unveil our new service which will help actors find U.S.-based headshot photographers with ease. The Heads...

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