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Actor Websites on WIX

12.06.2019 adviceannouncements
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Web For Actors: I just had an email exchange with a certain person, whom I will not name (let's call her JANE), who is teaching people in the film industry about marke...

Actor Website VS Instagram - Breakdown

11.29.2019 social-mediaadvice
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social-media,advice,instagram,evergreen,interactive,reviews,actor websites

Web For Actors: I've signed up for a membership to a certain website for actors... I was contemplating for a while whether I should name the website, and figured, heck...

Fix the Instagram Blank Video

11.21.2019 tipssocial-media
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Web For Actors: Tip Thursday - Fixing the Blank Video Frames on Instagram Have you ever encountered a blank preview image on Instagram video? It could be black or gr...

3 Mistakes with Headshots

10.18.2019 adviceheadshots
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Web For Actors: Consider looking at headshots day-in, day-out. You probably will never have to do it, but as a developer, I do. Headshot photographers do it too, but m...

7 Benefits Of Creating A Personal Brand

07.12.2019 advice
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Web For Actors: Oprah Winfrey is a household name today. As the host of the top-rated, award-winning Oprah Winfrey Show, she made it acceptable for famous people to h...

Easy Way to Learn Your Lines

06.28.2019 announcementsauditions
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announcements,auditions,services,tools,actor websites,evergreen

Web For Actors: Greetings, creative minds! Have you ever struggled with finding the best solution to learning your lines? If you've been reading our blog and paging t...

Getting Paid as Voice Artist

05.10.2019 advicevoice-acting
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Web For Actors: What should I get paid for voice-over work? Let me start with answering the question "what should I get paid". Even though there is no exact answer f...

6 Tips for Actor Demo Reels

03.08.2019 tutorialsreviews
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Web For Actors: Acting reels, demo reels, sizzle reels... call them what you will. Right after your headshot it's the second most important thing you need to convince...

Lets talk about Voice Acting

03.06.2019 announcementsvoice-acting
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announcements,voice-acting,actor websites,services,opportunities,evergreen

Web For Actors: There are quite a few things in the oven right now, but I wanted to take a quick look at Voice Acting community and with that introduce a new blog tag...

You Need to Get YouTube!

02.20.2019 ideasadvice
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Web For Actors: I have previously spoken about starting a YouTube channel , but to this day I get questions from actors saying "I don't have YouTube, how do I upload...

SoundCloud Integration Now Available

02.15.2019 announcementsfeatures
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announcements,features,soundcloud,evergreen,actor websites,voice-acting

Web For Actors: Great news for Voice Actors, Composers, Musicians and other Web For Actor members who are using Web For Actors services. We are now tied into SoundClou...

Actor's Daily Routine Matters

02.08.2019 actingmotivational
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acting,motivational,tips,print me,evergreen,freebies

Web For Actors: Over the past few years I've been trying to come up with a perfect to-do list for actors online, making sure that if at some point they feel like there...

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