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Great Question for a Casting Director

12.16.2019 adviceauditions
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Web For Actors: Today's blog post (or should I say vlog post) is brought to you by Aaron Marcus, who talks about his experience at an audition for a commercial. En...

Self-tape and Reel Submissions

08.09.2019 adviceideas
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Web For Actors: Over the past year I've been digging through YouTube and Vimeo looking for reels. Trying to figure out what's good quality what's just plain horrible....

Easy Way to Learn Your Lines

06.28.2019 announcementsauditions
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Web For Actors: Greetings, creative minds! Have you ever struggled with finding the best solution to learning your lines? If you've been reading our blog and paging t...

Submitting for Auditions

01.24.2019 adviceauditions
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Web For Actors: It's not a secret that it's better to be submitted for roles by your agent or manager than to submit yourself for a role. They actually have access to...

Audition Versus Workshops

11.30.2018 auditionsadvice
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Web For Actors: I've been trying to get a nice collection of audition tips going for the past few years, and you've probably already seen them all on the Audition Tip...

Actors Pro Expo Los Angeles 2018

11.02.2018 auditionsevents
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Web For Actors: This is the 2nd ever Los Angeles Actors Pro Expo , and... it's the second time we'll have a booth there, so we can proudly say that we've been represe...

Audition Tips (Updated)

03.24.2017 auditionsadvice
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Web For Actors: From the moment you book your audition to the moment you walk in the lobby. From the moment you sit down in the waiting room to the moment you walk thr...

Learning a monologue

12.04.2015 adviceideas
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Web For Actors: While this advice is the best one I could give in my opinion, if you've already learned a monologue that you love and is working for you, just stick to...

Mrs DoubtActor

11.13.2015 adviceauditions
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Web For Actors: Time and time again I hear about people who would addition for a role outside of their comfort zone and get the job. What's less common is for people t...

Do it! Get an Agent.

10.23.2015 adviceideas
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Web For Actors: I'm an active participant in Stage 32 lounge conversations and I probably watched every single webinar about acting they've put out. In addition to tha...

It's a numbers game

10.09.2015 adviceauditions
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Web For Actors: I recently spoke with a young actor who's new to Los Angeles, and very new to the acting world itself. As I normally do, I walked up to him, and asked...

Do your research

09.18.2015 adviceauditions
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Web For Actors: Alright. This has to be said out loud. Most of you know it, some of you do it, but majority of you only have good intentions and never follow through....

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