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Fix the Instagram Blank Video

11.21.2019 tipssocial-media
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Web For Actors: Tip Thursday - Fixing the Blank Video Frames on Instagram Have you ever encountered a blank preview image on Instagram video? It could be black or gr...

Exciting Karmalicity Upgrade

06.14.2019 announcementsnetworking
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Web For Actors: If you know me, you know I've been whining to all the actor services and telling them how they can improve their tools. As a matter of fact I was so up...

6 Tips for Actor Demo Reels

03.08.2019 tutorialsreviews
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Web For Actors: Acting reels, demo reels, sizzle reels... call them what you will. Right after your headshot it's the second most important thing you need to convince...

7 More Tips for Actor's YouTube Channel

03.01.2019 advicetutorials
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Web For Actors: First of all, if you don't have a YouTube channel yet, or you haven't stylized it yet, check out Part 1 to this blog: Free Banner & YouTube in 12 Easy...

MailChimp Integration Now Available

02.22.2019 announcementsfeatures
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Web For Actors: Last week we launched the SoundCloud integration , which is awesome news for voice actors, musicians and composers, but just to show you that we haven...

Free Instagram Class, Tools and more

10.26.2018 freebiestutorials
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Web For Actors: Just as mentioned in the title, there is a FREE 32 minute long, advice packed class with uber-talented social media coach (or as I call her "guru") for...

7 Gmail Tricks, Mailbox and Forwards

10.19.2018 ideastutorials
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Web For Actors: If you're a premium member of Web For Actors, you will be given your own domain name and your own personalized email address. For this example, let's u...

How to Rip a DVD

06.08.2018 filmmakerstutorials
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Web For Actors: I've been asked about this one few times already, so I think I should do a write up on this. If at any time, any of you try to do this and step-by-step...

3 Steps to Improve Your Networking

04.27.2018 announcementstutorials
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Web For Actors: Have you ever heard anyone say that to make it in this industry it's all about the contacts? Or how about: It's not what you know, it's who you know!...

10 Things to Put On Actor Website

08.04.2017 actor websitesadvice
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Web For Actors: Okay, okay. I know it's a book club week, but I just realized I never put my own eBook into the rotation. The eBook is titled 10 Things You Must Put o...

Actor Website Bio

04.07.2017 adviceactor websites
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Web For Actors: I am a networker. I enjoy all sorts of meetups and events, but one event in particular that I attend regularly has the concept of networking down to sc...

How to convert your media

07.22.2016 filmmakerstutorials
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Web For Actors: Being a techie, I get this question a lot. Many actors want to post their reels online, but they don't have their videos in the right format. Most web...

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