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Web For Actors: As you might have noticed on our social media, we've been asking our followers to vote IADB for's Startup of the Year title. Many of you have v...

Movie Posters

02.26.2016 ideasadvice
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Web For Actors: Just because I've dealt with web design all my adult life, all of these things seem common sense to me, but I've recently realized that this is not the...

Film Festival Mania

02.19.2016 adviceproducers
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Web For Actors: We're getting a lot more filmmakers and producers on the IADB platform, but don't assume that this blog post is for them. It's for everyone in the indi...

Is somebody talking about you?

02.12.2016 advicereviews
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Web For Actors: Right off the bat, you see that I used the logo in my blog. Let me just clear this up from the start. I am in no shape or form associated...


02.05.2016 advicetutorials
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Web For Actors: I don't know how many times I've said this in my whole life, but I know that I've said this at least a dozen of times over the past few months. "Google...

Pick your profession

01.29.2016 advicebranding
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Web For Actors: This is a huge pet peeve of mine, so please forgive me if this blog post gets grumpy. There's a major difference between being able to wear multiple h...

Resources for moving to L.A.

01.22.2016 ideasadvice
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Web For Actors: Update: Here are some other resources you might find useful, but all of the items below still apply. Reddit's list and post Backstage forum...

It is not just about acting

01.15.2016 adviceacting
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Web For Actors: Actors cannot be introverts? Can they? I mean we hear stories that some of the actors we all know and love are introverts, such as Clint Eastwood, Tom...

Get yourself noticed on Stage 32

01.08.2016 adviceideas
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Web For Actors: First of all, if you're in the film, TV or theater industry and you're not on Stage 32, then stop reading this blog and go create your free account ....

2015 in review

12.25.2015 advicewrap-up
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Web For Actors: I'm about to take a writing hiatus for the year, but before I go, I just want to highlight some of the great moments of 2015. This was the year when w...

IADB on Techco

12.18.2015 press releaseevents
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press release,events,announcements

Web For Actors: Oh man, why am I in front of the camera? That's right. I normally sit behind the keyboard, but this time, when I was in Las Vegas, I was interviewed by...

Get your resolutions in

12.11.2015 adviceactor websites
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Web For Actors: Many people plan on making resolutions for the new years, but before you do I'd like to give you a challenge. Instead of the usual, "I will lose weight...

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