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Mastering Suspense, Structure, and Plot

12.29.2017 book corner
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Web For Actors: Enthrall Your Readers! Suspense is one of the most powerful tools a writer has for captivating readers--but it isn't just for thrillers. From mainst...

What's your Actor Gift Idea?

12.22.2017 actingideas
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Web For Actors: Hello, and Happy Holidays. 'Tis the season of giving, and besides giving to others, you should also consider getting yourself something. You absolut...

On Film-making

12.15.2017 book corner
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Web For Actors: A priceless examination of the filmmaker's craft, from the renowned director of Sweet Smell of Success After more than twenty years in the film in...

Tips to Improve Your Acting

12.08.2017 adviceacting
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Web For Actors: Many aspire to improve their acting skills and always wish to take their names into the limelight. Of course, acting is a lucrative and a glamorous car...

The Mentor In Me

12.01.2017 book corner
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Web For Actors: In the tradition of mentoring books like You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor, The Mentor In Me stands above the rest in unlocking potential. Why? Because...

Cyber Weekend 2017

11.24.2017 promotionsactor websites
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promotions,actor websites,announcements

Web For Actors: You know what's better than awesome deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Awesome deals for actors on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Let's put it s...

Secrets of Screen Acting

11.17.2017 book corner
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Web For Actors: When it was first published in 1993, Secrets of Screen Acting broke new ground in explaining how acting for the camera is different from acting on...

Filmmaker Website Inspiration

11.10.2017 filmmakersideas
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Web For Actors: It is very clear that we normally focus on actor websites. Duh, that's what A stands for in IADB, but IFDB is already taken up by Internet Famous Datab...

The Audition Bible

11.03.2017 book corner
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Web For Actors: As a casting director for twenty-three years, Holly Powell witnessed the casting world from three different points of view: As an independent casting d...

First Actors Pro Expo in LA

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Web For Actors: This week, we'd like to cordially invite you to an Actors Pro Expo in Los Angeles. It will take place exactly one week from tomorrow on Saturday, Novem...

7 Acting Tips to Live by Every Day

10.20.2017 actingadvice
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Web For Actors: Do you want to become a better actor? Of course you do, everyone has room for growth. As acting requires all the advice you can get to produce the best...

Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers

10.13.2017 book cornerproducers
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Web For Actors: Whether you...

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