If you're an actor and you are serious about your online presence you must register for these free websites. No excuses! There is a chance that you have already registered for most (if not all) of these. Make sure you get them all. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

1. Web For Actors Actor Website

Lets start with Web For Actors - Actor Websites - good news: you're already here, so you probably already have a website, but if not then there's no excuse for you not to get it. Free version gives you a profile based website with 3 different templates to pick from. Paid version gets you your own domain, email and even more templates. Not sure if you want that? Start with free profile - no time limit, no obligation, no hassle.


  • Beautiful professional website build specifically to showcase your acting work
  • Highly customized Search Engine Optimization to put you on top of the search engines with the right keywords
  • Amazing tools to help you organize all of your work and everything you need in one place

Task list after registration:

  • Make it yours - use the sidebar quick updater to change the look of the website to match who you are. You can change colors, backgrounds and fonts, but you can also select between a few free templates.
  • Make sure that everything is up to date - building the website might have been a breeze, but are you certain you're not missing something - go through it all and make sure that everything is there and after you finish this list you may need to add a few more links to your website.
  • Generate a free email signature and add it to your mail client - again, you want to look professional when contacting other filmmakers - impress them with your online presence with a row of acting related profiles.

2. Stage 32

As a professional, you may want to join LinkedIn, sure, but as an industry professional, you need to join Stage 32. Stage 32 is a social network for all industry professionals and again it's free. Surrender any excuses. Stage 32 offers limitless opportunities for networking and collaboration.


  • Network with other filmmakers - you can search for other industry professionals residing near you, connect with others in the lounge or attend a meetup.
  • Find work on the job forums - these are free to post and free to browse - find your next job in the job listings or connect with other filmmakers that are in pre-production stage of their work. Ask them if they need any help - don't be pushy, ask nicely.
  • Increase your odds of being found - the more places you list your information, the higher chance that someone will bump into it. Why limit yourself to just your website?

Task list after registration:

  • Add your bio - the more keywords you use to describe yourself and what you do, the better. Want to reuse the bio from your website? That's fine. Don't be mechanical, be fun. After all, this is a social media network.
  • Add your projects - I understand, if you have a lot of project under your belt, this might take some time, but the more you populate the more you can impress your fellow filmmakers.
  • Add headshots - anything you've got. You're an actor, if you don't have headshots, stop reading now, go get your headshots... I'll wait... Back? Good - upload at least one good headshot, if you have more, upload them all.
  • Add your resume - this will be useful when applying for jobs with Stage 32. If you have multiple resumes, upload them all. You don't want a television CD looking at your print credits - they want to see your acting skills - don't make them look for it.
  • Add your acting reels - don't have any? Make some. If you have permission to create a sizzle reel from your previous projects - great, if not, turn on the webcam and show the world what you've got.
  • Add a cover photo and pick your Desert Island Movies - both of these make your profile more approachable. A conversation that starts with "Hey, that's a great picture" or "Hey, I like that movie too" might end with "Hey, I'm actually looking to cast someone like you".
  • Check for jobs and meetups, comment on the blog posts and lounge posts and participate in Introduce Yourself Weekends (every third weekend of the month) - you never know who's watching.

3. Actors Access

Actors Access is a Breakdown Services' profile page for actors. These pages are often browsed by casting directors seeking talent. Free version gets you two photos, resume, a size card and a SlateShot. Personally, I wouldn't bother with any SlateShots, as these are flash based and not even supported by most browsers. But if you have more headshots, you can increase your limit for $10 a pop. You can also add video and audio for an extra charge - it's up to you.


  • Be spotted by Casting Directors browsing the Breakdown Services website.
  • Increase your odds of being found - the more places you list your information, the higher chance that someone will bump into it. Why limit yourself to just your website?

Task list after registration:

  • Fully populate the "about me" section - there's no need to be shy. People might be very specific in their search - if you match what they're looking for it might make all the difference.
  • Populate your size card - again, same as above, this page asks you if you're okay with nudity - there is no "maybe" here, if you're not - say so, you might save yourself some time and trouble by answering truthfully.
  • Populate your resume - Web For Actors-AA Populator is coming soon - this will save you some time, meanwhile, add all your projects here and put some info in the footer. Unfortunately Actors Access does not accept HTML, but you can still type out some links where more information can be found - you have 515 characters so pick wisely. We recommend listing at least your website, Stage 32 and your video channel.

4. Casting Frontier

Casting Frontier is limited to 13 main areas - not sure why they did that, but that's on them. Still, if you reside close to one of these places (and as an aspiring actor your probably should), register now and get the low down on the jobs near you. Free profile gets you a resume with a headshot and you would need to upgrade to at least a Premium lever for a $69 a year to gain access to 5 headshots, mp3 hosting and a link to your website. Now, if you're not premium there's a $1.49 submission fee - which is not too bad, definitely worth trying, and in the worst case if you don't see anything you like, you have an extra profile.


  • Be spotted by Casting Directors browsing the Casting Networks websites.
  • Increase your odds of being found - the more places you list your information, the higher chance that someone will bump into it. Why limit yourself to just your website?

Task list after registration:

  • Add a headshot - I don't think I need to repeat it each time, but just in case it slipped your mind...
  • Populate your resume. Again, Web For Actors-CF Populator is coming soon which will help you get this done. Meanwhile add your credits and training right on this page.
  • Populate special skills - now this is a pretty cool resource for building your skills list. They might have things you never thought of, such as "Frisbee" or "Cross Bow", but you never know when these skills come to play. Languages are also on this list.
  • *Links - that's only if you got the premium account - if not, that's fine, you could list your website in the "Possessions" section. Again, not a link, but it wouldn't hurt.

5. Now Casting

Okay, I get it, it's really hard on your eyes (so is the next website) - but again, it's a free resource (with premium upgrades). Free version gets you a profile and submission to NON Los Angeles Projects. If nothing else, do it for the free profile. If you can afford the $6 a month, you may want to upgrade just for the Demo Reel and LA casting notices - I still can't believe that so many websites charge for hosting your video and audio. Seems absurd. That's all I have to say about that. Register and populate as much as you can - again exposure can come from anywhere on the web. Finally their Monologue and Scene Database sounds intriguing. We will check it out and report on its usefulness.

6. Info List

Last but not least is the InfoList. Get ready for a lot of emails, some relevant, some less relevant. But keep your mind open (and eyes slightly squinting - that orange is waaay too bright).