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#PowerThroughPodcasts - Speak L.A.

10.09.2020 motivationalpodcasts
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Web For Actors: For the past few months I've definitely watched more Netflix, read more books, and I sure as heck have listened to more podcasts while stuck at home. B...

In the spotlight with Sonny Chatrath

07.05.2020 spotlightmotivational
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Web For Actors: When did you start acting? I started acting in 2007. Describe your acting style. I am a natural actor. What was the biggest audience you have p...

2020 - Website for a New Year

12.27.2019 announcementsmotivational
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Web For Actors: We bid adieu to another great year in the film industry. We've made some amazing strides over the past few years, overcoming our prejudices and invitin...

Great Question for a Casting Director

12.16.2019 adviceauditions
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Web For Actors: Today's blog post (or should I say vlog post) is brought to you by Aaron Marcus, who talks about his experience at an audition for a commercial. En...

Obtaining Union Status

09.06.2019 opportunitiesmotivational
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Web For Actors: I always ask my actor friends: "Where exactly are you with your acting career?" Different people get to certain segments of their acting career at diff...

In the spotlight with Kearia Schroeder

07.30.2019 spotlightmotivational
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Web For Actors: When did you start acting? I started acting in 2010. I landed my first role on a show called Single Ladies on VH1. Funny story about this job - when I...

Actor's Daily Routine Matters

02.08.2019 actingmotivational
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Web For Actors: Over the past few years I've been trying to come up with a perfect to-do list for actors online, making sure that if at some point they feel like there...

It's Never Too Late

07.20.2018 announcementsmotivational
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Web For Actors: Over the last few years I've heard a lot of success stories and a lot of horror stories related to acting. There are two things that always stick out t...

In the spotlight with Scherrikar Bell

02.28.2018 spotlightmotivational
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Web For Actors: What was your very first experience with acting? Well I always loved watching movies as a child I grew up watching Die Hard, Rush Hour and Disney Mov...

Filmmaker Website Inspiration

11.10.2017 filmmakersideas
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Web For Actors: It is very clear that we normally focus on actor websites. Duh, that's what A stands for in IADB, but IFDB is already taken up by Internet Famous Datab...

7 Acting Tips to Live by Every Day

10.20.2017 actingadvice
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Web For Actors: Do you want to become a better actor? Of course you do, everyone has room for growth. As acting requires all the advice you can get to produce the best...

Actor's Needs vs Actor's Should Haves

05.19.2017 ideasactor websites
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ideas,actor websites,motivational,advice

Web For Actors: The most common question that I get asked by actors I meet is "Why do I need a website?" The issue with this question is that it implies the "NEED", an...

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