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Web For Actors is a Veteran-Owned Company

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Web For Actors: I won't bug you by emailing this blog post to you, but if you happen to come across it on your own, so be it. Today is a Veteran's Day, and it so happ...

Auto-populate Your Actor Website

11.04.2016 featuresservices
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Web For Actors: You may already be familiar with the Insta Nudge and how it works, but up to this point you may not have seen it in action. As of today we're enabling...

Social etiquette for Actors

10.28.2016 advicesocial-media
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Web For Actors: This is a very humble opinion of mine, do with it as you please. It seems that a lot of people are hinting this at you, but nobody will come straight o...

The Actor's Why

10.21.2016 advicemotivational
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Web For Actors: Knowing what makes you tick profoundly affects the time you keep. As actors, we spend a lot of time in class and in personal research for a role, d...

Are you 213, 310 or 323

10.14.2016 advicefeatures
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Web For Actors: Just a quick article today with a tip that may not be applicable to all of you out there, but might prove useful to some. I myself live in LA right n...

Mobile Apps for Actors

10.07.2016 featuresreviews
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Web For Actors: Just a quick heads up about upcoming section in Web For Actors video channels; We are planning on releasing review videos for acting-based mobile apps....

6 Steps To Optimize Your Online Presence

09.30.2016 advicebranding
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Web For Actors: This week I wanted to share my thoughts about online tips with my fellow creatives over at Karmalicity. If you have an IMDb, you can definitely check o...

10 Biggest Mistakes on your Actor Website

09.23.2016 adviceheadshots
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Web For Actors: I've been collecting the actor website sins for quite some time and I thought I'd stop on by and list out the most common mistakes you might make on...

Startup of the Year Competition... Again

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Web For Actors: Great news. We made it! Thanks to all of our patrons and users we always strive to be #1 in web development for actor websites, and this piece of new...

Help Stop Age Discrimination

09.01.2016 announcements
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Web For Actors: Age discrimination is a major problem in our industry, and it must be addressed. SAG-AFTRA has been working hard for years to stop the career damage ca...

Impress visitors to your actor website with reviews

08.19.2016 featuresadvice
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Web For Actors: To this day I have seen upwards of 1,000 different actor websites, but it's sad to say that less than 1% of these websites contain actual reviews / tes...

Why do I write sins? (not tragedies)

08.12.2016 actor websitesreviews
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Web For Actors: I'm not sure what year this was, 2003 or 2004, but I was in college back then. I was walking down Chambers Street in New York when I saw a sign "$5 hai...

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