Did you get the pun in the title? My friend always uses the phrase "How'bout them apples?", but apparently I had to explain it to my blog editors, so now I feel like I told a "dad joke" and I feel horrible for having to explain it, but I digress.

Apps! Whether we love them or we hate them, they're out there and many of them focus on making our lives just a tiny bit easier. That is a goal on an app we've been developing and it's soon to hit the market, but with that in mind we wanted to introduce a new segment in our blog called "Actor App Reviews".

Starting next week and then every 4 weeks, we will add a review of a mobile app intended for actors. Each review is by yours truly, but every page will have a section where you yourself can offer your own opinion and rating of the app, if you're using it. So I invite you to come check it out. If I miss something, put it in the comments, and whether you agree with my opinion or disagree, you can leave your own review below.

What this means for our segments? "Actor Book Corner" Will now take place every 4 weeks instead of every 2 weeks. There are plenty of books that have are in the index already, so check out the blog tag for books, and starting next week, check out the blog tag for apps.

Oh and don't forget to look at our ever-growing list of mobile apps within the blog post titled: Mobile Apps for Actors