For months we've been teasing you with more templates getting released at IADB. Well, the wait is (somewhat) over.

It's not easy being a perfectionist and a creative at the same time. Can you, as an actor, imagine how crazy it would be if you wanted to get every movement, every annunciation of every word, every breath on camera... perfect?

Well, when we build websites for actors, we want to make sure that everything works perfect 100% of the time, but sometimes we need to decide whether we want limited number of perfect templates or more options with limitations... well, we went with the latter.

Introducing ALPHA and BETA actor websites at IADB.

When you get an actor website with IADB, you know you're getting a clean, polished product that works to help you make your online presence a breeze. That quality is still unquestionable with the finalized templates, but for those of you who don't necessarily need a news announcements, or those who don't care if you can pick limited colors for the template, or that the background has to stay as is, this will come as exciting news:

ALPHA Actor Website Templates - these are newly introduced templates. The code has been checked for mistakes, but the template hasn't yet been fully planned out and layouts might slightly change in the future in order to move it to the next stage of...

BETA Actor Website Templates - these are well thought out templates that may still be missing some of the minor capabilities. We will keep working on those until we are 100% satisfied with them and will mark them as "finalized" in which case the "BETA" status will be removed.

I hope you find this news exciting. We definitely are. It will give all of our actor friends more options as well as give us a better understanding of what needs to be done next.

IADB is here to stay, and we promise you a plethora of options at an amazing value, and, later this month, we will announce yet one more amazing piece of news that I'm sure all of you will love. So stick around.