Over the last few years I've heard a lot of success stories and a lot of horror stories related to acting. There are two things that always stick out the most, and I believe it's applicable to everything and everyone. These are:

Never stop improving!
If one thing is not working as you expected, try something new.

With new blog posts week after week, I have tried to inspire all of you to keep improving. There're loads of resources for actors to do so, and there are always great new opportunities wherever you look.

Even with our website, we've tried to improve our designs, our search engine tools and social media connectivity and week by week we try to make things better, more stable, reliable and useful.

So there, "Never stop improving"? - CHECK

Here's the kicker, for the last 4 years we've focused on improving IADB from the search engine standpoint, and we've done a hell of a job, but there's an issue which we've found weeks after getting the domain... we'll never beat IADB.org. Is it because they're better in SEO than us? Not really. Is it because they do multi-billion dollar international deals each month that end up being picked up by the top news outlets? Yup, that's probably it.

We thought IADB name would be a perfect one for us... "It's like IMDB, but 'A'stands for 'actors'". Every person in the tech industry who hears the domain name gets shivers... "Four letter dot-com domain? Nice!". Well, it would have been, but we realize that reaching our expectations requires change... it may seem late to do so, but it's NEVER TOO LATE.

So, if you have followed us on social media, you already know us as "web for actors", and since we've owned that domain for quite some time, we make that work. It's a certain step backward, since our SEO efforts have gotten us a score of 32 for domain authority. As a comparison, a company like Central Casting has a score of 34, and now, webforactors.com has 3.

Yup, we must work our butts off to get back to where we were, but it's better now than 3 or 5 years from now. And for all of you out there who aren't reaching your goals or feel you may be in too deep... sometimes it may be a good choice to take a step back and reevaluate everything. If it makes sense to try another approach, consider it, even if sometimes it means heading back to the start. If you've been improving all along, you'll be able to catch up real quick.