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Say Goodbye to Website Regrets

10.04.2019 advicefeatures
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Web For Actors: If you ask me what is the most important feature of Web For Actors in terms of Actor Websites, I will undeniably say ease of use and tools that help yo...

Bannerly - New Design

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announcements,actor websites,templates

Web For Actors: We are now working on improving this new actor website design called "Bannerly". If you are using it and encounter any problems with it, just let us k...

Actor Website Slideshows and Special Page

02.27.2019 announcementstemplates
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announcements,templates,actor websites,features,headshots,ideas

Web For Actors: For the past 5 years we've been ranting about sub-par designs of WIX and Weebly yet from time to time I find a Squarespace template that just looks rea...

More Actor Website Templates!

06.22.2018 announcementstemplates
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announcements,templates,actor websites,press release

Web For Actors: For months we've been teasing you with more templates getting released at IADB. Well, the wait is (somewhat) over. It's not easy being a perfectionis...

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