We told you 4 weeks ago that we will move that way and we've finally pulled that trigger. If you're browsing IADB.com they might redirect you to webforactors.com. DO NOT PANIC. Everything is still there, none of your data has been moved or relocated in any way. We've plugged in yet another domain and redirected some traffic there.

What does it mean for existing IADB'ers. If you registered via IADB.com before September 2018, your free account will be accessible via "iadb.com/yourusername" AND "webforactors.com/yourusername". No worries, it will not mess up your SEO, we will use a special code to ensure that your ranking stays the same. For everyone else who will register AFTER September 2018, your user name will be accessible only via "webforactors.com/yourusername".

If you are a paying member and have your domain attached, any of this will not affect you.

With that in mind, wish us luck. By September 1st, we should transfer all the URLs over to the new domain, but you will still be able to access all the old links and will simply be redirected to the new domain.

Thanks for your understanding.