There are so many website providers out there that offer "free" websites to their subscribers, and I put the word "free" in quotes for a reason, as the saying "nothing's ever free" applies to everyone including us, here at Web For Actors, but to others more so for sure.

Here's what other people will "take" from you in exchange for the "free" website:

Your information - we do indeed require you to enter your email address, but we won't spam you, nor will we sell your email to someone outside of Web For Actors. Our guarantee is that the only mailers you will EVER get from us are either related to your website or if you subscribe to our blog, then you will get the Friday blog emails. That's it. When you subscribe to other "free" services, be prepared to start receiving spam emails within a week. For testing purposes I have subscribed to multiple services using my altered email, and I can say without any doubt that our "free" competitors WILL sell your information.

Your website space - first of all we are against any pay-per-click ads on actor websites. Period! We have had few actors actually request to put ads up on their website, to which I responded "have you lost your mind?" No, actually, I was very P.C. and said, "sorry, we don't offer this option as a service", but in truth I was thinking the first thing, as it's a really bad idea. Other "free" providers will take up as many as 5 different locations on a single web-page to place their ads, links and other information that is not at all related to your active career. Would you put a printed ad on your printed resume? Of course not. Don't fall a victim to ads.

Online bandwidth - limitations on bandwidth suck bad. Some companies will actually allow certain amounts of views per day to your website, so imagine that you take a look at your website 100 times in a day while you're editing it, then you're satisfied with the changes and you send it to your agent. Your agent clicks the link and the website is down because it's over the quota. What? You could probably explain that to your agent, but can you explain it to the film makers and producers who might have considered you as a prospect? Don't lose opportunities just because someone wants to get your hard earned money.

Worst of all, free designs you will get out there might look horrible, and you will just end up wasting your time on something that you will want to replace next year (or maybe even next month). With Web For Actors, the information you provide us, the headshots you upload, the reels you link up, they're here forever until you decide to remove them. So if at any point you want to step up your game and get a better version of the website, you can do so by upgrading, so that your time is never wasted, but if you want to keep your website free for time being, we assure you, we will not put ads on your website, we will not give out your emails to any lists and your website will not be tethered down just because you can't afford to pay us.

With us, free means free, because we know for a fact that our services are worth your few dollars each month, and we know that as soon as you can afford it, you'll upgrade to a paid version, that's why there are no tricks, no gimmicks, just a limited access to excellent tools for actors.