Many aspire to improve their acting skills and always wish to take their names into the limelight. Of course, acting is a lucrative and a glamorous career option. What few know is that it requires a lot of hard work and preparation. You have to have a burning aspiration in performing on the stage before audiences. Taking sufficient time in working on strategy can be helpful and can greatly improve one chance of becoming an actor. Like any other thing, you can improve your acting, whether on your own or with the help of your friend by doing the simple, easy-to-do-things and it won't cost you a thing. So, what are some of the things you should improve to improve your acting?


You have to learn to speak clearly. Try to practice and improve your consonants. That is one important way you can improve your acting ability. Enunciating does not only reflect the language of newscasters or even aristocrats. It will help you to transcend your local unintelligible dialects. Constants are essential in giving shape to the emotional resonance of vowel sounds. Vowel sounds from the actors suggest the feeling inside and the consonants lets the audience to know what the feeling is.

Study other people

Get your imagining in great fighting shape. Look at a play and with the help of your imagination get into the character's head, their heart, and their soul. Imagine is a powerful tool in acting. Use it to find that character within you.


You have to be a student of people to improve your acting. Be a student of people from all walks of life. Watch them as their walk, talk and listen to them. Listen closely to the rhythms of their speech. Watch at their body language. Be a student of their body language. Even Shakespeare admitted that an actor must hold the mirror up to nature. To act, you ought to reflect what real human beings can do.

Get in shape

You have to treat your body as a temple. You have to eat right and exercise. Plays and films are usually demanding physically. Physical activities, like dance, running, karate, yoga or other sports would help in preparing you physically for demanding roles. There might be dancing, sword-fighting or any other demanding physical exertion needed. Your mind, body, voice, and movement are the essential tools of the actor's trade. You have to take great care of them.

The more homework you do, the better you will improve your acting. As long as you will realize that you have the drive and you are willing to work for what you want then you have a great chance of success in acting. But you have to know that your acting will be improved greatly when you work with others. You cannot act in a vacuum. So, in succeeding you have to work with other-like minded acting individuals.