In the tradition of mentoring books like You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor, The Mentor In Me stands above the rest in unlocking potential. Why? Because author and entrepreneur William Todd shares his inspiring journey as a mentee of Bob Proctor himself with its highs, lows, and ultimate breakthroughs. A jewel among leadership books and mentoring books, The Mentor In Me offers readers clear insights into William's personal development journey, assuring them that even the most successful entrepreneurs must embrace and incorporate timeless principles like repetition to achieve mastery. Although highly rated among entrepreneur books, The Mentor In Me caters to individuals in every walk of life, from parents and children to educators and corporate professionals. No matter where we are in our unique journeys, we can all relate to William's story. At first resistant to the proven tools and guidance Bob Proctor offers, he describes the moments when he failed to summon the necessary discipline to follow through on his mentor's instructions, much to his detriment. Conversely, he explains how he embraced the principles of the Seven Levels of Awareness to shift his paradigms and unlock his own potential -- and how you can do the same. The Mentor in Me distinguishes itself from other mentoring books, leadership books, and entrepreneur books by offering readers a rare opportunity to join Bob Proctor and William Todd in their mentor-mentee experience as Bob guides William along the path to a life of seemingly effortless abundance. You'll learn, laugh, and even cry while you discover how to find the mentor inside of you. If you enjoy books from Bob Proctor and John Maxwell, you'll love The Mentor In Me by William Todd, featuring a Foreword by Bob Proctor and an Epilogue by entrepreneur Marty Jeffery.