Do you want to become a better actor? Of course you do, everyone has room for growth. As acting requires all the advice you can get to produce the best, I compiled some tips that can be used to your improve acting.

Master your script. 

Read it more than three times so as to master the content and not just your lines. From this basis you can go on to identify the ground for your lines, this will aid you to react with the right lines and make recalling easier.

Listen attentively.

You should give the notion that what your character is hearing is purely of that moment. Hold out the enticement to be quick with your lines, just to prove you know them, after all; it's a conversation.

Be audacious.

The quickest way to ameliorate your acting is to remember that your first choice will usually be the simplest for you to do - not the best one for the part. You should look beyond your initial selection.

Study your breath.

Practice 30 minutes a day. Inhale as deeply as possible and exhale for twice the amount of time you spent inhaling. This will aid pre-audition stress and stage fear.

Be a professional person.

Keep time, or arrive early, it will give you all the warm-up time and, more critical, the space you need. 


The more you act, the better you become. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The more acting you do, the higher the number of actors and directors you will work with. This will help you improve your acting by enabling you to find the truest way for you to develop.

Think of others.

Improve your acting by making your fellow actors and actresses appears as good as possible. This may sound odd but getting the best from fellows will reflect on your performance and aid you arise. This will also help you improve your professional reputation which, in turn, should entail you get more work.

Finally... develop tough skin. 

You must have the courage to stick to your passion even if you consider the criticism harsh, or are getting lots of rejections. Be honest with yourself and be courageous, most actors get rejected for most tasks most of the time!