It is very clear that we normally focus on actor websites. Duh, that's what A stands for in IADB, but IFDB is already taken up by Internet Famous Database, so all you filmmakers out there gotta talk to them for stealing your "f".

Anyways, we do offer websites for filmmakers, be it production website or film website, however we don't have too many templates to offer to you, so if you're looking for a website for your film, you came to the right place as I will list some of the existing film sites and point out the things I like in these, but you decide on your own. If you happen to like a look of any of these, and want us to build one like it, tell us which one and we will give it a shot. cons include non-responsive menu, and a big call-to-action button that doesn't do anything, BUT it lists not one, not two but ELEVEN ways of getting the video. That's what I'm talking about. this website as basic as it may be has a very clear "ASK". It wants your contact information, it will ask you for it as you scroll down, and even if you exit the modal, there's still a way to submit it. Great example of a goal oriented homepage. - very plain website, but the updates page actually has stuff on it. There are too many film sites that announce the film, and that's the end of it. Here you have an example how you can announce cast and auditions. It's still too empty in my opinion, but better that than a blank page. - I'm not a fan of the design, BUT... their press list is to die far. A perfect example of filmmakers who goes after a quote and makes an effort to update the website to let others know what people thought of his film. - layout of the website is pretty horrendous, BUT... they sure have shoved anything they could into this website including the links to soundtrack and video to "the making of", 19 awards, press mentions, posters, pretty much anything you could think of. - speaking of websites with clear call to action - this one isn't it, but it looks like they had a perfect website image, evenly balanced with the crew and a big SXSW award image centered that's grabbing your attention. Unfortunately the main button "Get tickets" gets you nowhere. - and speaking of SXSW logo, here's one that mentions "official selection" - that counts. Call to action here is to watch a trailer. It's more of a splash page than a website, but if you're looking to get more eyes on your YouTube or Vimeo channel, that might be the way to go. - now this looks pretty great. You've got a trailer in the background, a little screen on the side to show off the awards, a short logline, and as you scroll down, poster-style fonts listing the company, and crew. I dig it. very interesting design - looks very custom. A call to action that I haven't seen before "Host a screening". Heck yeah, let's check it out. Oops, takes you to a google form. I guess it's not as custom as I thought. Still original look. - here's an example of where developer took advantage of the title and used an orange theme to match the poster. Well balanced color, BUT... menu seems wacky and the trailer is missing. So reminder to you all, if you host your video on external sites, consider Vimeo, in which case you can replace your video if need be (instead of removing it and adding a different one). - call to action doesn't get clearer than that. There's no menu, there's just 2 teaser videos, logline, and... LOGIN PAGE? Well, the last one is weird, and so are the hover links, nor is the page responsive, but again, if you want more eyes on the teaser video, a responsive version of this might be the answer. - here's a weird one. Cast page that doesn't let you see all of the cast, unless you have ultra-wide monitor (I see 7.5), BUT... once more, nice usage of poster-like font in the footer and a call to action is "Demand it!" A way to bring the movie to theaters near you. Cool stuff.

That's all for now, if you have a suggestion or would like us to design a website for you, just let us know. Till next one.