Just as mentioned in the title, there is a FREE 32 minute long, advice packed class with uber-talented social media coach (or as I call her "guru") for actors, Heidi Dean. If you're sick of guessing how to use Instagram for your acting career this is the class for you. I just watched it on Wednesday and I must say that I learned quite a bit.

You'll learn the 6 biggest mistakes that actors make on Instagram, what's working on Instagram RIGHT NOW (not the old 2017 stuff) and Heidi will also share the secret of getting more followers for your acting career, so without further ado, here is the link, but note that this class will stay up there for only a week, so check it out as soon as you can.

>>> Free Instagram Class For Actors <<<

And while we're on the topic of Instagram, @webforactors is almost at 10K followers, and I am very excited and of course with the excitement I did some insta-digging, Being a computer nerd, I found some useful Instagram tools you can use for free right from your computer.

Aviary (Photo Editor)

This is a cool little tool by Adobe (which also comes available as a mobile app on  Android and iPhone) allows you to upload a photo, and perform quick edit options to your image. It's super easy. My steps normally include:

  • enhance -> portrait -> apply
  • crop -> square -> apply
  • focus -> circular -> stretch -> apply

Sometimes I also use:

  • overlays (sometimes it looks really cool)
  • splash (cool way to draw focus with colors)

IG:dm (Instagram Direct Message)

If you're like me, and you want to be able to check your Instagram messages without the phone, this program is for you. It works on Linux, Mac and Windows, so you're covered on all platforms and it's a small executable that connects to your Instagram account and fetches your messages. It also allows you to send messages as well, so if you're planning to do some copy & pasting a message to some of your followers with minor adjustments, you know tapping on your phone screen is not gonna "cut it" (see what I did there?).

The tool also allows you to search Instagram users, so that you can send messages to the people you haven't communicated with before.

And one more really cool feature is being able to find people who do not follow you back. There are some people out there who follow you just to get you to follow them back and then they unfollow you. Not cool. Well, now you can find them easily and readjust your follower/following ratio.

Later.com (Instagram Scheduler)

Finally, you might have heard of this one, but I actually haven't used it before as I didn't realize it had free features. There are few pay-walls in the software, but it allows you to schedule 30 posts a month, so if you watched Heidi's class linked above, you know that this might be plenty. So I've gone ahead and gone through onboarding for you so that you can see how it works.