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Fix the Instagram Blank Video

11.21.2019 tipssocial-media
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Web For Actors: Tip Thursday - Fixing the Blank Video Frames on Instagram Have you ever encountered a blank preview image on Instagram video? It could be black or gr...

Self-tape and Reel Submissions

08.09.2019 adviceideas
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Web For Actors: Over the past year I've been digging through YouTube and Vimeo looking for reels. Trying to figure out what's good quality what's just plain horrible....

6 Tips for Actor Demo Reels

03.08.2019 tutorialsreviews
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Web For Actors: Acting reels, demo reels, sizzle reels... call them what you will. Right after your headshot it's the second most important thing you need to convince...

7 More Tips for Actor's YouTube Channel

03.01.2019 advicetutorials
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Web For Actors: First of all, if you don't have a YouTube channel yet, or you haven't stylized it yet, check out Part 1 to this blog: Free Banner & YouTube in 12 Easy...

You Need to Get YouTube!

02.20.2019 ideasadvice
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Web For Actors: I have previously spoken about starting a YouTube channel , but to this day I get questions from actors saying "I don't have YouTube, how do I upload...

Free Instagram Class, Tools and more

10.26.2018 freebiestutorials
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Web For Actors: Just as mentioned in the title, there is a FREE 32 minute long, advice packed class with uber-talented social media coach (or as I call her "guru") for...

Introducing Actor's Video Channel

05.05.2017 featuresannouncements
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features,announcements,youtube,vimeo,videos,actor websites,tools,motivational

Web For Actors: I don't know how many blog posts I wrote on my idea about downloading acting related YouTube videos to listen to while jogging or to watch on the plane...

How to convert your media

07.22.2016 filmmakerstutorials
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Web For Actors: Being a techie, I get this question a lot. Many actors want to post their reels online, but they don't have their videos in the right format. Most web...

Get your Acting Reels Done

06.03.2016 advicevideos
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Web For Actors: First of all, let's start with this statement - if you don't have an acting reel, get it done . Even if you have to try it the DIY approach, get it do...

IADB Trailer

04.10.2015 videosactor websites
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videos,actor websites,features,press release

Web For Actors: Here is our first video commercial. Built in After Affects by yours truly with music and sound design by talented Dara Taylor (link to Dara's website o...

Our First Video

01.16.2015 press releasevideos
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press release,videos,announcements

Web For Actors: We have just released our first video. It will be used to precede all of our video releases and tutorials as an identifier of IADB video. This logo r...

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