"Matt Newton is New York's smartest and most knowledgeable acting teacher and coach. His coaching and teaching come from a wealth of professional experience. He's a working actor, on-set coach for a hit television series and knows what those who hire need to see and hear from actors who are auditioning for them. And all of this he does with a keen eye and a kind heart." -Brian O'Neil (author, "Acting as a Business")

"This book is a terrific road map for a career in the entertainment business." - Mike Francis (Leading Artists Agency, Fiasco Theatre)


It's not enough to be a good actor. You have to be a smart actor. To break into TV and film, new actors need to understand the current trends, and how to combine the craft of acting with the practical, business side. From picking the right headshot, to finding auditions, to securing an agent or manager, this book helps actors avoid the most common mistakes.

In this new and expanded second edition of his popular book "10 Steps to Breaking into Acting," professional actor and acclaimed acting coach Matt Newton offers an insightful, honest, and comprehensive guide for actors of all ages looking to break into the business, whether in New York or Los Angeles.

With an entertaining foreword by his sister, actress Becki Newton (star of Ugly Betty and How I Met Your Mother), Matt gives actors 10 simple steps for starting a career in TV and film, and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

This new edition includes:
-Q&A with Kimberly Graham (Associate Casting Director for Showtime's "Homeland")
-Advice for Kids and Teens
-Pay to Meet Workshops
-The Art of Self Taping
-The Best Casting Websites
-New York vs. Los Angeles
The Best Way to Land an Agent
-Audition Do's and Dont's
-Figuring Out Your Type
-The Realities of Being on Set