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Zoom Alternative for IMDb Pro Subscribers

07.17.2020 announcementsnetworking
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Web For Actors: Haaaaave you met Ted? Ehm, ehm, Chime? I'm not sure if you've heard, but IMDb (which is now owned by Amazon) is now offering access for the IMDbPro me...

Microlink = Screenshot Layer + PDF Crowd

07.10.2020 announcementstools
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Web For Actors: For the past few years we've been using two service providers for your websites: Screenshot Layer - had allowed us to generate amazing image previews...

Easy Way to Learn Your Lines

06.28.2019 announcementsauditions
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Web For Actors: Greetings, creative minds! Have you ever struggled with finding the best solution to learning your lines? If you've been reading our blog and paging t...

Introducing You! Backstage

04.12.2019 announcementsfeatures
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announcements,features,tools,actor websites,spotlight,opportunities

Web For Actors: Actors - Get a free press article! Create a self-interview with Web For Actors that gets hosted on our website as long as on . How d...

Need an Article on Our Blog?

03.16.2018 announcementsspotlight
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Web For Actors: There is no easier way to get an article written about you than having somebody interview you for their blog. Just like businesses try to do a shameles...

Introducing Actor's Video Channel

05.05.2017 featuresannouncements
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features,announcements,youtube,vimeo,videos,actor websites,tools,motivational

Web For Actors: I don't know how many blog posts I wrote on my idea about downloading acting related YouTube videos to listen to while jogging or to watch on the plane...

The Headshot List

12.09.2016 headshotstools
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headshots,tools,actor websites,announcements

Web For Actors: We have announced the development of the new resource website few weeks ago and as promised we are launching it tonight. So, ready or not, here comes y...

Introducing the Headshot List

11.18.2016 headshotsactor websites
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headshots,actor websites,tools,announcements,services,reviews

Web For Actors: In just 2 short weeks Web For Actors will unveil our new service which will help actors find U.S.-based headshot photographers with ease. The Heads...

Auto-populate Your Actor Website

11.04.2016 featuresservices
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Web For Actors: You may already be familiar with the Insta Nudge and how it works, but up to this point you may not have seen it in action. As of today we're enabling...

Tools for Actors from Web For Actors

04.22.2016 filmmakerstools
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Web For Actors: Last week's blog post came from none other but social media guru, Heidi Dean. If you haven't visited her website yet, make sure you do. It has a ton...

What makes us special - Population

08.21.2015 actor websitesfeatures
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Web For Actors: I'm not trying to be vulgar, this comes straight from my heart, so I will write it as it is. If you read the blog from last week and decided that your...

What makes us special - Coding

08.14.2015 actor websitesfeatures
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actor websites,features,evergreen,branding,opportunities,tools,press release

Web For Actors: I've been building websites professionally since 2003. I've built somewhere between 250 to 300 different websites in total. I've built many websites...

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