There are quite a few things in the oven right now, but I wanted to take a quick look at Voice Acting community and with that introduce a new blog tag so starting forward anybody who's interested in information about voice-acting will be able to get all the related articles, and to get you all started, let me jump into the announcement:


Being an actor and being a voice actor doesn't differ that much... or does it? We dominate the market in providing the best tools for actors out there, and it's finally time to extend our welcome to the voice acting community.

I see a lot of bad (BAD!) voice websites out there, that not only look bad, but don't sell the message very well and of course the actionable items on a voice-actor website should be their audio reel, right? Well, a lot of so called actor website providers do a really crappy job with that task alone... come on!

So going forward, we are going to pay a closer attention to voice actors when developing new websites. We already have a couple of templates that will work well for you, but if you're a voice-actor and reading this, we want to hear from you, so reach out to us and we will hook you up with service that will blow your mind.


Just as actors, those in the voice-over can benefit from our micro-sites that come with a SoundCloud player. Eat your heart out every other micro site providers! It takes only few seconds to set it up and right away you can provide an awesome experience to those who visit your website coming from mobile devices on social media networks. Yup, is also applicable to voice actors.

We will not stop there, coming soon (real soon) we will offer an implementation for client listing, because yes, that is the main feature that's missing from our websites that SHOULD be included on voice-over website, and of course we will add a voice-over interests so that actors can tag themselves properly for search engine optimization.

We won't stop there either. As we speak we are developing a Dropbox integration that will allow you to easily share files with your clients. That's right, being professional will get a lot easier. As you add your clients to the system, you will be able to auto generate Dropbox folder on your machine and create a custom link for your client where they'll be able to download said files, and in case of audio files - preview them right on the website as well. Who knows, this might even include an option to chat with your client, we'll see about that, in any case, you won't be disappointed.


Last but not least, we have been adding more and more voice-over resources, so if you're new to the profession or new to the online community, check out the resources for voice-over and don't forget to listen to some voice-over podcasts for advice and inspiration.

Last but not least, I just watched 4 webinars I got from Stage 32 Voice Acting section. I've watched David H. Lawrence's webinars before, and loved them, but I missed out on some of the Dan Lenard's webinars and the webinar for Reading to Earn. Pretty awesome stuff. So yes, fellow webbers. Never stop improving, keep on rocking and I'll help you through your journey the best I can.