Over the past few years I've been trying to come up with a perfect to-do list for actors online, making sure that if at some point they feel like there isn't much else they can do, they can take a glance at the list and get an idea of what else they might do.

After all, being an actor is not a part-time gig. It's not just acting and you all know it. It's improving your craft, booking auditions, networking and of course maintaining your portfolio. With that said, if you're not working 8 hours a day, here are some items that might keep you busy.

Items in our admin:

You have probably seen those when you log into the admin part of Web For Actors, but I'd like to list them out in here as well. If you have any ideas on how to improve this list, let me know in comments.

For your website:

  1. Add Biography 
  2. Add Location 
  3. Add Photos 
  4. Select Main Photo 
  5. Add Skills 
  6. Add Projects 
  7. Add Language 
  8. Select Ethnicity 
  9. Enter Social Links 
  10. Add Videos 
  11. Build Your Resume 
  12. Add School 
  13. List Your Training 
  14. Connect a Domain Name

Career task:

  1. Get Interviewed by Web For Actors 
  2. Get a Social Media Shoutout 
  3. Start Saving by Sharing 
  4. Clean up your Industry Contacts 
  5. Access your Industry Feed

Unlisted tasks:

  1. Update your social media pages - we are working on implementing suggestions for that as well
  2. Figure out your casting type - we have a website that will be coming out soon that will help you with this task
  3. Respond to mentions - we are currently in the works on implementing a tool that will tie into your account
  4. Search casting sites - hiredactor.com is where we started the process for that, this will be improved and connected to your account
  5. Watch videos about acting - check out actingcraft.com for some of our selections, let us know if we should add something else in there as well.
  6. Meet with other actors - find a meetup on meetup.com or stage32.com - we are currently implementing actormastermind.com to help in this area as well
  7. Listen to a podcast - actorpodcast.org domain is purchased, and we will be filling the blanks on it in weeks to come, meanwhile, check out our resources

Other things to consider:

  1. People watching - one thing Bryan Cranston has recommended is people watching when you're in public. Get a feel for different people, start making up stories about them in your head. It's a good way of practicing creativity and developing characters.
  2. Self taping - don't know what to tape? No problem, get some monologues from freedrama.net, or better yet, if you have access to showfax, get sides from them and record your interpretation - when the TV show comes out you can even compare yours to the one that's been chosen.
  3. Exercise - it's good for your health, good for your mind, and it never hurts to be in top shape. It doesn't necessarily mean pumping iron. This could be a morning run or 20 minute yoga, or even a 10 minute meditation. Yes, I consider meditation to be exercise!
  4. Voice practice - reading out loud and reading out loud at a quickened pace can be used as an articulation warm-up. Practice accents, projection, voice work, and old monologues - see if you still remember the ones you've memorized a while ago.