I have previously spoken about starting a YouTube channel, but to this day I get questions from actors saying "I don't have YouTube, how do I upload videos directly to Web For Actors?" Well... ya don't. There's a method to my madness. I am a strong advocate that every actor SHOULD have a YouTube channel and every actor who has a reel SHOULD put it on their YouTube.

Just go through my previous post - I promise, it won't take longer than an hour for you to set it up AND make it look good. If you still need convincing then I can only hope that it's because you only skim through the articles I write, because otherwise I'm wasting my breath. Just do it.

If you have an actor website, get a YouTube channel and the minute you have a reel, put your reel up there. Meanwhile, put some self-tape videos or add some other content you have available and if you don't have views or followers ask other fellow actors what they think. Go to Karmalicity, and do some exchanges there. Or, I don't know, ask me and I'll follow you - NO PROB!

Just grow your channel the best you can and I'll help you where I can. Remember that all YouTube videos can be embedded to your actor website and I'm about to update your YouTube channel social links so that the subscription notice comes up as soon as people click on it. Yes! That is an option, so instead of listing your channel everywhere as:


You should list it as:


Okay, it's Wednesday, but I'll write up few more tips and create Part 2 for your YouTube channels for next Friday. Meanwhile, if you haven't done so yet... get that YouTube channel already.