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Actor's Pro Expo Recap

11.22.2019 eventsservices
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Web For Actors: It's been a really busy 7 days since the Actor's Expo. If we met there, and I haven't said hello to you yet, please send me an email, I've been trying...

3 Mistakes with Headshots

10.18.2019 adviceheadshots
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Web For Actors: Consider looking at headshots day-in, day-out. You probably will never have to do it, but as a developer, I do. Headshot photographers do it too, but m...

Pete Bartlett's Photography Project

03.27.2019 announcementswrap-up
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Web For Actors: This one is for actors in LA! As you might have seen it on my Instagram page, one of London's best headshot photographers is coming to LA on April 15t...

Actor Website Slideshows and Special Page

02.27.2019 announcementstemplates
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Web For Actors: For the past 5 years we've been ranting about sub-par designs of WIX and Weebly yet from time to time I find a Squarespace template that just looks rea...

Conference for Actors in less than 2 Weeks

03.12.2018 networkingheadshots
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Web For Actors: Actors, are you ready for the hottest conference of the spring? And by hottest, I don't mean temperature-wise, it's been pretty chilly here lately, no?...

What to do about your headshots

01.19.2018 headshotsadvice
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Web For Actors: How do you get amazing headshots that pop? As a web designer, I've heard clients often say "I want my website to POP". Most designers hate that term...

Making a Better Web

07.28.2017 features
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Web For Actors: The IADB Actor Website builder has been around for four years now , and it improves with each and every revision. Features that typical users take for...

The Headshot List

12.09.2016 headshotstools
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Web For Actors: We have announced the development of the new resource website few weeks ago and as promised we are launching it tonight. So, ready or not, here comes y...

Introducing the Headshot List

11.18.2016 headshotsactor websites
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Web For Actors: In just 2 short weeks Web For Actors will unveil our new service which will help actors find U.S.-based headshot photographers with ease. The Heads...

10 Biggest Mistakes on your Actor Website

09.23.2016 adviceheadshots
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Web For Actors: I've been collecting the actor website sins for quite some time and I thought I'd stop on by and list out the most common mistakes you might make on...

Member Spotlight Mondays

05.20.2016 filmmakersheadshots
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Web For Actors: One of our main goals here at IADB is to help you get yourself noticed. We help you with your websites and with your social media, but sometimes even t...

Rolling Headshots

05.08.2015 headshotsideas
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Web For Actors: We here at IADB are always advocates of fresh new ideas to help actors further their careers. One of these great, fresh ideas comes from the wonderful...

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