We have announced the development of the new resource website few weeks ago and as promised we are launching it tonight. So, ready or not, here comes your ultimate source for finding headshot photographers in the U.S:

The Headshot List

Although this list is quite small today, we are psyched to see how quickly it will grow. We invite all of the headshot photographers to try it out, after all it's free and it can only improve your odds of landing a new client.

How does it affect an actor? Easy. You no longer have to be stuck with the same photographer, nor are you forced to pay $700 for your headshot session just because you don't know if any other photographers near you are capable of taking great pictures. No, this tool will allow headshot photographers to show of their skills in just 6 photos. If you're not impressed, you can move on. If the price is too steep, you can move on. If the business is just too far from where you are, you can move on. It's that easy.

If you know a photographer who is not yet on the Headshot List and would benefit from being on that list, send them an invitation. I'm sure they'd be grateful to you for the opportunity and for thinking of them.