We have just released our first video. It will be used to precede all of our video releases and tutorials as an identifier of IADB video.

This logo reveal is made up of spinning particles that finally form the IADB logo in the center of the screen and appearing sign below it that says: "IADB.COM" and with smaller font slowly expanding: "INTERNET ACTOR'S DATABASE". Special thanks go to Dara Taylor for providing the sound effects for the video. Link to her website is included on the left.

We are trilled with an opportunity to work with each and single one of you and we will keep creating tutorial videos and presentation that will make your tasks smoother, and help you understand how everything operates. We claim that most of our tasks need no explanation - it's so easy a child could do it, but then again, kids nowadays are pretty computer savvy. We will do anything within our strength to make your experience enjoyable, ergo creating tutorials video is one of our primary objectives.