Today we are bringing you a beta version of Feather Weight - a new actor website design now available to our premium members.

With this release, we would also like to introduce you to the new Actor's Presskit functionality within your websites. To enable this functionality for the Feather Weight template go to:

  • Website
  • Website Options
  • Show Presskit Link

The presskit will include:

  • up to 3 headshots (click a headshot to replace download links) - want to pick which headshots show up on your actor presskit? Reorder your headshots in the Gallery section of your control panel
  • Download links for the headshots (both image and PDF format)
  • Download link for your acting resume
  • Download and preview links for your reels
  • Download link for your 3rd person actor bio

But wait, what is a 3rd person actor bio and how do you get it? 

Simple. Go to your control panel Profile section. If you are a premium member, you will see:

  1. Brief actor bio (for descriptions and S.E.O) you can leave that blank
  2. Biography - your regular actor bio, say hello to your website visitors
  3. 3rd Person Actor Bio - for presskit, if someone wrote it for you, great, otherwise you can write it yourself (in 3rd person) and don't forget to click "Create PDF" when done. 

We hope you're gonna love this new design. There's another one on the way before year's end.