In the spirit of giving, every year Web For Actors release a new tool that we offer for free to all of our subscribers for the period of one year.

Last year we gave you a way to showcase your website and your links on social media channels with this blog post:

This year we are getting a little more old-school and we're inviting you to get a free interview hosted on our website at You Backstage!

What reason may there be actors need an interview?

  • you need press articles to show that you are working in the industry
  • you need backlinks to your website
  • you need to correct some misinformation said about you online, or even
  • just to have yet another place where your achievements can be showcased

An informal interview is not the worst thing to host on your own actor website, but it helps to have a different location that focuses on interviewing people in the film industry... 

Well, if you need such interview hosted somewhere, send your request with a link to your profile on web for actors down to and we will enable this feature for you. 

Again, this is only for the year 2020, so please hurry up and join us on "You Backstage!"