We bid adieu to another great year in the film industry. We've made some amazing strides over the past few years, overcoming our prejudices and inviting outsiders into the inner circles. If there's nothing else I can say about 2019 I can say that much.

It's been a year full of political happening, so even those who try to stay away from things that happens on the white house lawn, still probably got to hear a lot of that... I am that someone and I surely did see a lot of actor friends and filmmakers making political proclamations on Twitter and Facebook... well... I've said it before, if it has nothing to do with acting, try to get another profile where you are "John, the concerned citizen" not "Johnny, the actor", but I digress... I do feel that people should say what's on their mind, but that's not how the rest of the world feels, so try and keep that in mind for 2020.

With this I salute you for all of your successes. I get notification emails for every time one of the Web For Actor members gets new press release, or new credit that is high ranking on IMDb and it always brings me joy. So here's to you, your film projects and utilizing your actor websites to get even more out of your actor's life in 2020.

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve, and come 2020, let's kick our goals into a higher gear.