For the past 5 years we've been ranting about sub-par designs of WIX and Weebly yet from time to time I find a Squarespace template that just looks really good. Not to say that we can't do what Squarespace does, but I must say that every one website in a thousand inspires us to improve our existing designs and offer more choices. Today I found one of those templates.

Meet Laura Linn a talented actress from... um, not sure, by the area code I can only assume Georgia - well, I never said Squarespace is perfect. Laura recently shot The Furnace in South Africa with an Oscar nominated director Darrell Roodt and she authored a book called Into The Furnace. So if you're looking for some inspiration, the kindle version is only $3.

Anyway, my point is, when I visited Laura's website it was clear to me beyond any doubt that she is an actress from the headshots on the homepage. It helps to have an indication of your occupation for search engines, but if we focus on the visual such slider really helps.

For that reason I've decided that we will build a template to match this design within the next 2-3 weeks. I already played around with the slider and came up with this: Actor Website Photo Slideshow

Secondly, I've rethought my decision on having set amount of pages for every single actor website. There's a method to my madness, and the point for that was always to keep people from creating pages that are not related to acting. It's your acting website. If you're also a real estate agent, you should get another website for that... but, in some cases, it just makes sense. Being a writer is as much a creative endeavor as being an actor, and if you write ABOUT your acting, well, in a way it shows off your experience. I respect that and I'm sure casting directors would as well, so the second announcement is that coming mid 2019, we will adapt an ability to add a "Special page" along with examples of what can go on them.  One example would of course be - your autobiography.