The IADB Actor Website builder has been around for four years now, and it improves with each and every revision. Features that typical users take for granted take time to plan and develop, and while many developers keep their development process private, we don't mind sharing our process with the world.

For years, our process for cropping photos into headshot photos was done manually, and it still can be done so, see "Related Video" below.  Eventually, we solved this unnecessary bottleneck with an automated solution.  If you're into techy stuff, click on "Related Link" as well to see our article on Medium.

How does it affect you? It really doesn't. Your newly added images will however automagically look better. No more mis-cropped images of your chest or half of your face. As technology improves, so does your actor website. For more information on what we did, check out the related link below.

Here's the difference that cropping of the images makes. I hope this inspires all to manually crop your images, or re-crop all of your images from the admin panel.

Better Actor Websites Before Better Actor Websites After
Web For Actors - Making a Better Web Brandi C. Wow. This is quite techy.