Last week we launched the SoundCloud integration, which is awesome news for voice actors, musicians and composers, but just to show you that we haven't forgotten all you NETWORKERS out there, today's update is just for you.

Do you wish to interact with the visitors of your website? Send them notifications about upcoming events, or let them know when your next film is premiering? Or maybe you want to tell them that you're relocating or that you have a new agent? Whatever the case may be, you can get that done with MailChimp, and our integration tool makes it simple.

  1. Select your MailChimp list
  2. Enable the Mailchimp integration
  3. Start collecting subscribers on your website
  4. Use embedded Mailchimp form on your micro-websites via

We're not done yet, stick around for Instagram, Medium and Mention integrations soon, but as I mentioned on Wednesday, next week will be Part 2 to YouTube channels.