We are now working on improving this new actor website design called "Bannerly".

If you are using it and encounter any problems with it, just let us know and we will be happy to help you out with it. Main concern here is having the right size photos for your header. If you are lucky, your photographer shot you in a landscape mode at some point, instead of portrait mode only, but hey, we get it, not everyone have access to these.

No problem! We will help you recreate a landscape mode photo from your existing one, just send us an email with your photo, or tell us which photo to use from your website and we will do our best to make that photo look presentable on your new actor website design.

For more information about this design, go into the actor website designs page or check out the related link below to see how this template looks using our default testing user.

And as always, we make websites for actors. If you don't see something that knocks your socks off, but saw a design that would be appropriate for actors, let us know in comments, or send us an email and we will create a design that you, as a person, would love and you, as an actor, will be able to utilize for your career.