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Marketing 4 Actors

Heidi Dean is a social media strategist, former professional actress, Backstage Expert, speaker, entrepreneur, a dreamer and a 'doer'

Daily Actor

A site for beginning and working actors. Find acting tips, monologues, resources, news, interviews and more!

Joshua Finkel

Joshua Finkel, MFA is a noted Hollywood and Broadway actor, director and acting coach currently residing in Los Angeles


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Voice 123

The world's first and most-trusted marketplace to find professional voice actors


Access the world's largest online marketplace of voice actors.

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The Timeliner

The Timeliner

12.31.2050 Template Tuesday
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Industry Contacts version 1.2

Industry Contacts version 1.2

12.31.2050 Take control of your contacts
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I'm your buddy Bottie, I was hiding behind the scenes, but now that you've found me I'd be happy to tell you what I'm doing.

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