Online Video Casting Catalogue

The 24/7 Online Video Casting Catalogue is a unique casting service provided by Heinz Productions. It provides a searchable, online talent database of over 5000 talent to numerous, top-hiring clients, some of which include - the Walt Disney World(R) Resort, Universal Studios, AT&T, Gillette, Amway, Atlantis, 3M, Hilton, Solo, Chase, Four Seasons, Ford, Intel, La Voz Kids, Nickelodeon Resort, PGA Tour, PwC, Quaker Oats, Siemens Medical, SunRail, Trane, Tupperware, Fl. Lotto, Eye Glass World, Crest, Publix and Coke. 

Through our online casting catalogue, talent can showcase their looks and abilities through a collection of short audition videos and or demo reels, headshots and resumes. Clients (producers, directors, etc.) can actually see each talent in action and book them for jobs right online.

Heinz Productions has been providing superior casting and talent coordinating services since 1997. And the success of our company comes in large part from the dedicated and passionate staff that keeps it running.