In efforts to clean up the admin area to make space for bigger better things we have moved the signature module from the admin into our website.

Since this is meant as a free utility to begin with, it just makes a lot more sense to have that tool in a more accessible location - I think everyone would agree.

Cleaning up the clutter of the admin is definitely one of our priorities. We want every single page to be as clear as possible so that a single glance would tell you what the page does and how to use it.

This said, if you ever encounter something (anything) that isn't clear - we're just an email away. Not only will we explain how everything works, but also we will make steps to making adjustments that will dissipate any possible doubt.

Now to the module at hand - if you never familiarized yourself with it, it's a simple tool that creates a valid HTML signature for use with your email clients.

You simply fill in the blanks and it will generate a signature that is small and yet appealing.

Note that only users with an account will get an access to a headshot option. Don't have an account yet? Get it for free - it only takes about a minute - which may actually be faster than you filling out the blanks for that signature. Isn't this crazy awesome?