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Open external links in a new tab on your actor website

Actor Website Tip #23

Open your resumes in a new tab / window.

This may be my biggest issue that most people don't realize!

How many times do you go to a website, click on something and a new page opens up. Then when you close that page you realize that you've closed the website as well. Ahh...

Okay, here's the most common example on an actor's websites. I go to your website, I click on a headshot photo. It opens up a bigger image on the plain white background. Great. I drag the image to my desktop and then close the image instead of clicking back. I just closed your website. The same goes for resumes or any external links on your website. If you have a link to the company who designed your website, it should open up in a new tab instead of hijacking your existing session. Same goes for your social media links. Lets say I click on your Twitter link, get distracted for a second because I had a message on there, close the Twitter as I'm done with it. Again! Your page is gone. Where was I? Who knows.

It's not difficult to implement this functionality. If you have access to the code, you only have to add target="_blank" to each external link. That's it.

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