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Modern looking actor website

Actor Website Tip #25

Websites for actors should have the clean and modern look

This statement might be ambiguous, and so, I'm not sure if it will be very helpful. I think that the Biggest Mistakes section of our website will do this topic more justice, but let me just say this in a way Jeff Foxworthy would tell a "you might be a redneck" joke.

  1. If your actor website comes standard with sunglasses to shield you from its bright colors - you might need an update
  2. If you need to click CTRL and + a few times to be able to read text on your actor website - you might need an update
  3. If your actor website takes up 1/4 of the left side of the screen - you might need an update
  4. If your phone screams at you when you try to preview your actor website - you might need an update
  5. If your actor website consists of single background image and pure text and links - you might need an update
  6. If the menu on your actor website is made up of few circular buttons - you might need an update
  7. If even you forget where the menu is located on your actor website - you might need an update
  8. If your entire actor website consists of words "click here to email me" - you might need an update
  9. If your website takes up less than 3 inches of the screen on a 4K monitor - you might need an update
  10. If even your browser tells you that you need an update - you might need an update

If you have 4 minutes to learn about good design, check out this cool demo.

Also, you might find this section of our website educational and entertaining: actor website sins.

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