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Make sure the company building your website uses new technology

Actor Website Tip #24

You want a modern looking actor website, not an antique

The best way to see if a company you're trying to hire to build you your actor website is active and using the new technology is to ask them for a recent website they published. There's an even easier way to see if they are active. If they have a blog or a social media account, see their activity. If they're on there and answering questions and providing suggestions, it means they care and they'll be around to help you out. However, if you can't find anything of the sort, beware of the consequences.

Many of these companies have tried to start something up 10 or 15 years ago, it didn't work out, but they decided that they might just as well keep the website running hoping that someone with a wad of cash will stumble upon it and offer to pay up. Guess what, if you're that person, you might just end up with a design that was implemented 10 or more years ago. In this case, you're better off not having a website at all.

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