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Include streams to your social media

Actor Website Tip #21

Active on social media? Why not include a feed / stream right on the homepage or in the footer?

I recommend this only to actors who are active on social media! If you post on social media sporadically and have periods of time when you don't post for weeks or months at a time, mark this tip as complete and skip onto the next one.

However, if you are very active on social media, and you wantyour visitors to visit you on Twitter or on Facebook, then adding a stream of your posts to your website could be beneficial. Now, please notice that I emphasized the word "want" above, that's because some actors I know should not want to have future collaborators visit their social pages. If you use social media to be opinionated with vulgar posts or you use it for personal reasons, or you're only posting pictures of your puppy, or anything else other than using it strictly for professional purposes, you should probably not include links to your social media.

As a matter of fact, if that's the case, you should probably open up new social media profiles on which you will be professional.

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